Audit plan and Questionnaire


Audit plan and Questionnaire

Audit planning is required for both internal and external audits. Audit planning will help the auditor improve audit efficiency, and meet its objective at the minimum effort.
You can plan your audits and ask your managers to approve it.

Auditors are required to prepare a proper audit plan to ensure that all audit risks are identified and correct audit strategies are deployed to detect all concerning risk areas.

How to add audit plan?

  • Click Performance evaluation
  • Click Audits
  • On the top of the page, you will see a button - Create audit plan
  • Once you select Create audit plan, the popup window will open and you can enter Name, Start date, End date and Description.

Audit Questionnaire/Answers section

It’s possible that you’re puzzled by the complexity of the ISO 27001 standard and with what you should check out during the audit. For that reason, we’re always looking for ways to help you. Every company is different and there is no universal checklist that could fit your company needs perfectly, but the good news is that with improved ISO - Audit questionnaire visibility you can document questions and answers in a way that can be clear and helpful.

  • From the Home page, go to Full Menu.
  • Choose Performance Evaluation (module 9 on the menu).
  • Below AUDITS choose Audits and you’ll see Actions (on the right side of the window) among other categories.
  • Below Actions you have possibilities to Edit, Delete, View Answers and Add Questios
  • Set dates for External Certification and Internal Audits

Under Module 4, go to GRC Compliance (within scope) and you’ll see on the right side of the menu that you can set dates for external certification and internal audit. It’s easy to enter the date. Just click empty space or Certification data missing and you’ll open Calendar. After you choose the desired date, click Ok and you’re set to go.

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