HIPAA - Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act

This is a federal law that was made for the protection of sensitive information patient health without their consent. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the HIPAA Privacy Rule to implement the requirements of HIPAA. The HIPAA Security Rule protects a subset of information covered by the Privacy Rule. Moreover, this rule was enacted to protect individuals covered by health insurance and to set standards for the storage and personal medical information.


The Privacy Rule of HIPAA


This rule addresses the use and disclosure of individuals’ health information by entities that are subject to this Privacy rule. Such organizations and individuals are known as covered entities. Moreover, this rule also allows the individuals to understand and control how their information regarding their health is used. One of the major rules of this rule is to ensure that the health information of any individual is protected while the information flows from one point to another and this can also promote high-quality health care. However, these rules come with a special feature that will allow the use of information of the individual only for important uses and also protects its privacy.


Titles of the HIPPA


The act was passed back in 1996 and it provided security provisions and data privacy to keep the medical records of all patients safe. The act contains five articles whose summary is written below:


Title 1: It protects the coverage of health insurance for those who either lost their job or they have just changed it.


Title 2: It directs the US Department of Health and Human Services to standardize the processing of electronic healthcare transactions nationwide so that the data can be shared and help can be called. However, all kind of privacy regulations and compliance is followed.


Title 3: It is related to the aspects of taxes and general medical guidelines.


Title 4: It has further reformed the health system and included benefits for those who have pre-existing diseases or conditions and they still can get coverage through it.


Title 5: It includes provisions associated with company-owned insurance and treatment of those who lost their citizenship for income tax reasons.


How does HIPPA work?


The HIPPA ensures that all the plans especially the individual health care plans are accessible, portable and renewable. Moreover, this data is then shared with all the other hospitals in the state and beyond.  The HIPPA also has a fact that has been modified to include processes for safety storing and sharing patient medical information technically.


It also includes administrative simplification provisions, which are aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing administrative costs by establishing national standards.


  • Covered Entities:


To get to know more about, you must know which people can come in the healthcare providers.


  • Healthcare Providers:


Every healthcare provider falls into this category and these people can electronically transmit health information in connection with certain inquires. These kinds of transactions include stuff like claims, benefits inquiries and other authorized requests.


  • Health Plans:


At this point, those people or entities are present who provide or pay the cost of the medical car. There are different health plans included in it, such as dental, vision, mental care, etc. Health plans also include employer-sponsored group health plans, government- and church-sponsored health plans, and multi-employer health plans.


  • Healthcare Clearinghouses:


These are those people who can and want to convert the names of the houses or somebody has changed its relation. Moreover, these institutions will get the right to identifiable health information and it is then passed on to other people.


Business Associates:


These people are included or part of it just because of their good habit. This person could be anyone who is getting the money and they can use that information to get more data and other such aspects of the other person. These functions, activities, or services include claims processing, data analysis, utilization review, and billing.

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