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The Cloud Security Alliance is a non-profit organization that promotes research into best practices for securing cloud computing and the use of cloud technologies to secure other forms of computing. It also offers services and expertise of industry practitioners, associations and governments, as well as its corporate and individual members to offers education and certification to cloud security.

The cloud security alliance is comprised of many subjects matter experts and it has a wide variety of disciplines:

  • It helps in the promotion of a common level of understanding between the consumers and providers of cloud computing regarding the necessary security requirements.
  • It also helps in the promotion of independent research into the best practices of cloud computing security.
  • Companies can create consensus lists of issues and guidance for cloud security assurance.

Cloud Security Alliance is the leader when it comes to cloud computing security education and it has devoted itself to providing training on the security of cloud computing. In 2010, CSA released the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), which is the industry’s most reputable cloud security user certification.

Cloud Security Alliance Certifications

The cloud security alliance offers professional cloud security certifications which are listed below with their brief detail.

  1. CSA STAR: The star stands for security, trust and assurance registry certification and it is a third-party, rigorous and independent assessment of the security of a cloud service provider. This certification is based on ISO/IEC 27001 and also fulfils the criteria set in the Cloud Control Matrix. If a company gets this certification this means that they will be able to provide a better understanding of the security control to their customers.


  1. CSA CCSK: This certification is known as the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge. This certification tests the knowledge and competency of a person in the field of primary cloud security issues. This certification is recommended for the IT auditors and the CCSK aims to provide an understanding of security issues.


  1. CSA CCSP: This certification is named Certified Cloud Security Professional. This is a global credential representing the highest standard for expertise in cloud security. This certification was created by two platforms: Cloud Security Alliance and International Standardization Council. This certification is recommended for the IT and ICT professionals who are working for IT architecture, web and cloud engineering, information security, governance, risk and compliance and IT auditing.

Cloud Security Alliance training is necessary and there are few reasons why you need this training as a business owner:

  • Make the cloud work for your business

This certification and service become necessary for all those companies who are making the transition to the cloud. Cloud Security Alliance will help them understand the working of the cloud and how it needs to function for any business.

  • Know how to react to a data disaster

Data loss is one of the main causes of company productivity loss and financial repercussions and usually, shared files are also accidentally deleted through an employee error or hardware failure or any other reason. The cloud backup will help you to recover the lost information. It helps to work with a cloud backup provider that offers recovery services and virtualization features so that your entire organization can be back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

  • To get the most out of your investment

Four domains provide emphasis in areas critical to the cloud: Security-as-a-Service, Virtualization, Portability and Interoperability, and Data Lifecycle Security. The Cloud Security Alliance and its certifications will help you understand and use these areas to their utmost capacity which will help you understand the whole working of it.

  • To find new security professionals

The certification will help you find new security professionals for your IT team. With this certification, you will have the base knowledge of cloud security which makes it easier for you to find and hire the right person for different IT and IT security jobs.

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