Corporate Dashboard


Corporate Dashboard

Corporate dashboards are tools that can help businesses to have a clear view of their whole setup in a bird’s eye view. If you have multiple branches / divisions you need to know status and efficiency of ISMS per each unit. The dashboards are dynamic and have visual features which can provide a comprehensive insight to managers. All kinds of data, metrics and other such features can be optimized, monitored and viewed through it.


ISOManager prvides such dashboard which can feature access to every essential data that is the driver from one central location and can present information in a visual format. This kind of information presentation helps in improving the decision making of the companies regarding Information security management. Moreover, it makes it easy to understand the different KPIs which can allow you to spot trends and identify the potential weaknesses.


Through this corporate dashboard, employees can develop strategies that can improve their performance in all areas of the company. It can be said that this dashboard is the light in the dark for businesses and comes in the list of business intelligence tools.


Purpose of Corporate Dashboard


From the perspective of Information security implementaton  of security controls  is clearly visible and the total number of (non)implemented controls can be seens. If you enter the perspective of management, you would see status of InfoSec compliance for every department or division.

The main goal of the corporate dashboard is to give visibility and understanding to the managers about the information security indicators present in company over branches and divisions. This visibility can help the businesses to react quickly if anything goes down and they can analyze the different trends and can set action plans accordingly.


  • Combine and Share data


The dashboard can combine the different data in a single place and you can see it directly in a single overview. This kind of combination of data helps in making the right decision.

The decision making gets easier as everything is visible and thorough for the people. The managers can view all the KPIs and their behaviour over time to decide what to do next and how to process with their business. They can set the direction of their business and can view it through this corporate dashboard.

The corporate dashboard brings effectiveness to the working of the company and the managers can respond to any issue in no time. This helps in increasing the profit and reducing the loss of the company.

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