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The first question that might come to the mind of the reader is that what is SAML? SAML stands for Security Assertion Markup Language. It is a single sign-on login standard that allows users to enter the applications based on their sessions and it comes with a simple username/password feature. There is no need of adding credentials or changing passwords. Once the password has entered, it will remain there as long as you are using this service.


Usually, the organizations know their employees who enter or leave the applications using the SAML login because the employees use the Active Directory domain or intranet. It is a powerful and flexible language but if you get hands-on its specification feature, it can get a very handful for your use.


Working of SAML


SAML working is simple; it shifts the user’s identity from the identity provider to the service provider. All of this transfer work is done through the exchange of digitally signed XML documents. Let’s see the working of SAML SSO in a form of a scenario.


For example, if a user has logged into a system that is acting as an identity provider and now he wants to log in to a remote application which would be the service provider, the following steps will help you understand the whole process:


  • The remote application will be accessed by the user through an intranet.
  • The application will then identify the origin of the user’s login and it will then redirect the user back to the identity provider to confirm their identity. An authentication request will be sent in this regard.
  • If the user does not have an active identity provider, then he would have to establish one by logging into the identity provider.
  • The authentication response is built by the identity provider in the form of an XML document which will contain the user’s username and their email address.
  • The service provider who recognizes the identity provider will look into the username and data of the user and it will validate it.
  • As soon as the identity of the user is established, he will be granted access to the app.


What is SAML SSO?


The SAML Single Sign-On is a platform that helps the users and employees of an organization to enter multiple applications after logging into the identity provider. Through this feature, users only have to log in once, and then they can access any application by simply clicking on it without entering any of their data.


The SAML SSO login is easier to use and it also offers better security from a user’s perspective as the users do not have to enter their data again and again. Moreover, once you are connected with the identity provider, you will get fast and easy access to any application you want just by clicking on it.


Moreover, SAML has also enhanced the productivity of the users as they do not have to log in to any application again. Only a single login to their identity provider is enough and with a single click on any app with the help of SAML, they will enter that particular app.


Benefits of SAML Authentication


  • The SAML comes with a single point authentication which has increased the security factor of the data and accounts of users.
  • SAML is not connected and concerned with the information of the users and the information is neither shared with it.
  • It has also reduced the cost of maintaining information on multiple services –the identity provider alone bears this cost and burden.
  • SAML offers a fast way of connecting to the application while keeping the login credentials safe.

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